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The Football Association logo "The FA supports initiatives such as this which highlight the enormous contribution which football can make as a vehicle for social change and improving lives. We also recognise the valuable role which African footballers play, not only in our game here in England but in the lives of their followers across the African continent. We wish SCORE4Africa every success with their awards and their work with football in Africa" - The Football Association.

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Didier Drogba at SCORE4africa 2008

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SCORE4africa celebrates the power of football to transform lives in Africa. Find out more about us here.

Football is Africa’s most popular sport. Millions of games are played and watched across the continent daily. Also, a huge number of education, health and other development projects in Africa use football’s popularity to recruit and retain, as well as help educate young Africans.

SCORE4africa recognises and celebrates innovation and best practice by offering Awards to individuals, projects, or organisations that use football to drive development in Africa.

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